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"I've known Mark since 2005 and have always respected him as a coach and friend. He is passionate about tennis and always thinks of creative ways to improve both his game and those around him. He brings a friendly and social atmosphere to his group sessions, whilst keeping true to the game and working on improving the group's abilities. I've always challenged myself to better my game and through Mark's guidance I've seen steady gains over the years." 
- Mr. Nischal Singh

Nischal Singh


Mark is a very experienced coach taking an individual approach to each person. His teaching method is focused on skill-building exercises, technique and instant feedback which enables a continuous improvement and results. Mark provides accurate critique on every aspect of play and shares experience outside of the usual teaching. The community he has built up around the club is just as valuable which shows in teamwork and social aspects.
- Irina Kim

Irina Kim


Mark is a great coach who focuses on technique, which leads to great results. After just 4 weeks I've been able to pick up the tennis fundamentals effectively and have started to fine-tune them alongside developing tactics. His methods are firm, fair and every week you come away feeling like you've become a better player.
- Mr. Sam Amrani

Sam Amrani